Honestly, it has taken a few days to recover from the most epic garage sale in the history of garage sales. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us set up and prepare for many days before the event and the many, many volunteers that we had actually run the event. To all the red shirts - we couldn't have had such an organized, successful event without you. Thank you for taking the reigns and running with them! 

There were some tough items to sell. Some of them, like this fur jacket didn't sell, but others, like a White Tiger painting and a ceramic cat on a ceramic pillow, did sell. 

When Matt made a goal of $3000 for the event, I thought we would have to tell Children's Hospital that we tried our best but we didn't get there. Sometimes (not often), I love when I'm wrong. The final total will be announced on July 31, when we go visit the hospital on D.R.E.A.M. B.. But here's a hint to the amount... we blasted through our goal! Thank you so much to everyone who donated and came to the event. Your generosity is what made all of this possible. While we get the privilege of handing the money over to the hospital, the money was raised by Lauren's extended family (blood and blog related). 

Let's look back at the day and the days leading up to it....

Here is our garage in the days leading up to the sale. It got to the point that it was overwhelming to even think about opening the door and looking at the contents of the garage. Accessing the stroller for Lauren? Don't even think about it. When people would drop off items, I would open the garage and they usually started laughing. Not a good sign. 
 It took two long days to arrange all of the items in the yard and garage.

It didn't help that Lauren was obsessed with the price stickers and would go around pulling them off of items and sticking them to herself.
On the day of the event the place looked amazing. There was such a positive feeling established and everyone was there to earn as much money possible for Children's Hospital. These pictures were taken before the day started so it doesn't show the constant crowd of people but there was never a lull. People were there before we officially started and they kept coming until an hour after we were done. 

We started out with so much stuff and by the end of the day most of it was gone! 

Once we had cleaned up, Lauren picked the winners of the raffle and then we all collapsed on the couch. Well, Lauren didn't, but thankfully she likes being around us so she played where we could see her. 
So, again, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so blessed, in so many ways. 

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