Last week, we went with some friends to the water park. 
Nope, those aren't our friends. Lauren doesn't even know them but that never seems to stop her. Today she waved at anyone who looked at her at the grocery store. That's my little social butterfly!
Lauren continues to be obsessed with water. On her first lap around the water park she wandered so slowly with a huge bag of goldfish crackers oblivious to the fact that they were slowly turning into a soggy bag of mush and all the moms and dads around the park were laughing at (with) her.

Sometimes, the playground would call her name.
 But she always came back. Thanks, Josh!
Lauren cries, but it never lasts for long. She just needs a little cuddle when she gets hurt and then she's off and running again. She's way tougher than I am (though I figured that out last summer already).

It is no wonder that I pick her up and squish her multiple times a day. She's just so darn cute!

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