Last week, when the daycare that Lauren was signed up for said that they weren't comfortable with her condition, I felt like crying when I first left. But within moments of packing Lauren back up into the car, I realized that there was a reason that I had prayed that God take the daycare situation into his hands. I had a sense that I was meant to stay calm and that I wasn't seeing the whole picture. When I got home to Matt, I felt like I wasn't seeing the forest or the trees, I was standing in front of a single leaf and could not see the bigger picture. Thankfully God saw the bigger picture.

One of my friends asked at her work if anyone knew of a good daycare. No one did. Then at her staff party during a regular conversation, the woman that she was talking to mentioned that her daughter was in a home daycare nearby to my work and that the daycare was looking for another child to attend part time. That seems like a great coincidence but here's the kicker that takes it from coincidence to God... the woman who has the daycare has a son who had open heart surgery when he was only six weeks old. Oh my gosh! 

Today, Lauren and I went out to see the daycare and chat with the woman. The house has a huge backyard with lots of toys (Lauren experienced a trampoline for the first time ever) and it seems like this will be a good fit for us.

Her son was there and he is doing great. He is in hockey and karate and loves to do PE at school. He showed me his scar and at first glance I didn't even see it. He has many of the same thicker parts that Lauren does from also being on bypass for a few days. 

In the next few days we will finish making a decision about if this daycare fits for Lauren and our schedule. But, wow, God works in some amazing ways. 

Speaking of scars, Lauren is now done her 12 week session of her scar strips and it has improved dramatically! Here was her scar three months ago...

 And here is her scar now...

The top part is totally pale and the bottom, while still noticeable, is much better. It is also four months "younger" than the top half so I expect it to continue to improve. Now you see those big blue eyes more than her scar. 

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  1. God is so good! I'm sure you'll find the perfect fit for everyone.


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