Today Lauren and I exploded onto the scene at her future preschool. They are in their final days and I was given the opportunity to show the She's A Miracle collection. My dad spent a chunk of his Father's Day helping me create new display boards for my bows and clips and I love love love how they turned out. I was super proud to show them off and Lauren was just as excited to be at the school... but for a different reason. As soon as I put her down, the tornado was set loose. She looked at everything, touched everything, touched everyone, and pretty much made herself right at home. The kids were playing in the classroom and Lauren sauntered right in and "joined" in their activities. She helped them clean up by giving them more opportunities to practice their cleaning up skills. They were watching a movie as a special event and eating popcorn and Lauren got right in on that action. However, the students were all sitting down nicely watching and Lauren was standing right in front of the TV. Right. In. Front.

The little sweethearts didn't even make a peep. They just shifted their heads to the side so that they could see part of the screen. I would have been yelling, "Down in front!" I told one of the moms about how wonderful they all were with her, interacting, showing kindness and being gentle and she said that it is all due to their teacher, Ms B. And that is exactly why Lauren will be going there. We need to train some of this crazy out of her otherwise I see lots of parent teacher conferences in my future.We are going back tomorrow for the second day of the sale. I'm hoping that Lauren has a repeat of today with burning off a bunch of energy because she took a three hour nap afterwards! It was a thing of beauty. 

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