Tomorrow Lauren turns 16 months old. Last night, Matt and I had a great discussion, with much excitement on my part and much eye rolling on his, about how great the number 16 is. In my mind it is the evenist (new word there) number ever and I love me some even numbers. I love that it is a perfect square if you put it into an array, and that perfect square breaks into four more perfect squares. It is a thing of beauty.

So tomorrow, Lauren will be even more perfect than she already is (I say that while, in my mind, glossing over her four temper tantrums that she threw today and the fact that she didn't want to eat her dinner so I fed her pasta in the bath which she then ate while drinking bathwater). In this last month she has really changed from a baby to a little lady. She has such big opinions about things, shows absolutely no fear in her exploring and she loves anything that has to do with water (last night she went into the kiddie pool in her pjs when I took her out into the backyard). She tests the boundaries and knows exactly what she is supposed to do. For instance, Lauren knows that she is not allowed to touch the dishes in the dishwasher...but she tries it anyway.

Oooh. Just has to try it. Little monkey.

This month Lauren went out to visit Matt at work and charmed one of the ladies out of her jewelry. She ran around the office with the pearls swinging popping into office after office. She's lucky that she's charming.

Lauren loves her new big girl carseat. As soon as she got to face forward everything was all better. She usually falls asleep on rides longer than twenty minutes but she has also managed to fall asleep on a two minute trip as well! Impressive.

Lauren loves bath time but she starts laughing and clapping when she sees the towel come out. She loves to get all bundled up and carried into the living room... where she escapes from its grasp and streaks through the house until we tackle her with a diaper.

This is how "helping" dad wash the car started. By the end she had discovered that she could put her hand into the soapy water and it would come out covered in bubbles. Of course, she ended up soaking wet. Typical.

Park and a beret, what more can I say?

No more eating!! (She's wearing my favourite onesie here - a Rainbow Brite onesie. Matt bought it before she was even born because he knew that I would love love love it. He was right.)

What do you do with a whiny baby who won't nap? Put her carseat in front of Tangled, cuddle Tink in beside her and enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet.

She loves going for walks and hates it the moment that we stop walking, insisting that I free her from her baby prison.

What mess? I'm just sitting here like an angel.

And at one time we didn't know if we would get to this day. Every day with her is more perfect than the last.

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