Oh man, this girl is developing some serious  attitude  personality. She is constantly active, constantly opinionated and always vocal about her wants. She doesn't put up with being in her stroller unless we are in motion. As soon as we stop, the whining, crying, moaning and thrashing begins. But take her out of the stroller and let her walk and she just goes and goes and goes. 

While walking to meet my dad, Lauren first walked half a kilometer in the cemetery and then wandered in the grass. As part of her development plan I am supposed to let her walk in grass and on surfaces with lots of variety. Perfect because she likes to walk from grave to grave as if she's playing a game of headstone hopscotch. It makes me a little uncomfortable but I think the people resting there wouldn't mind too much so I let it go.  

We got up to Central Park and we had some time to wait for my mom. Lauren walked back and forth at the entrance to the park, charming everyone around. She was totally fascinated by some skateboarding Japanese exchange students and I think she would have happily left with them if I would have let her. I have never seen her look that enamored with a new person before! Once my mom came, Lauren walked almost all the way across Central Park to the children's playground. On the way she saw her first squirrels and she was in love. As they darted off and up the trees, she would follow them over the tree roots and between the trunks. It was some very good practice for her development plan! This little girl, there's no stopping her!

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