Yesterday Lauren had another specialist appointment at Children's. It was in an area that serves a whole bunch of doctors so the waiting room is huge and stocked full of toys. Most kids are happy to play in the general vicinity of their parents, even if that means that huge toy potential on the other end of the waiting room might remain undiscovered. My child, on the other hand, is not satisfied with that. She has no qualms about joining other kids while they discover a playhouse or, her favourite, a playgarden. She doesn't hesitate to touch the kids or look closely at what they are looking at.

After many laps of the waiting room, we went out into the hallway (aka the" baby run" if your child's name is Lauren Charlotte) and she discovered the walkway to the other side of the hospital, two people having a meeting, a bookstore, the toy area in said bookstore, the stairs, the elevator and the glass window ledges that serve perfectly as seats.

In a way I would love it if Lauren would sit quietly like I used to as a child, but I know that I sat quietly because I was afraid of the world and so painfully shy, two traits that I don't want Lauren to have. Good news... I don't think she's got them.

As we were exploring the waiting room (and much of the rest of the hospital) I could hear people whispering about her, "She's so busy!" or "She's into everything." Yes she is. This little girl is curious, a future explorer and someone who, as we get near to the anniversary of her time in the hospital, has shown us all just how much she can and will do.

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  1. I just think that Lauren loves life so much having to fight so hard to keep it! Too bad those people in the waiting room didn't see it too. She must keep you pretty busy though.


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