This was Lauren's face a few nights ago when she lost her stuffed bunny. While she was impartial towards her stuffed animals until recently, now she has decided that only this specific bunny and her baby doll cabbage patch are satisfactory.

In the morning, she yanks her bunny through the crib slats and out into her day. If we go in the car, the bunny comes with her. When she goes down for her nap, she holds her bunny tight in the crook of her right arm as she drifts off. And apparently at night Lauren relies on the presence of that soft genderless bunny (I can't decide if it is a boy or a girl) to comfort herself throughout the night during her periods of wakefulness.


That night that she was without her bunny, she was with me. Until 3:30am.

First thing in the morning, I had ordered a new Pat the Bunny from Chapters.ca and I had planned my route home from work so that I could go to the only Chapters in town that had Pats in stock. That way I would have Pat and backup Pat.

But I was saved a trip when I got a text, "Have Pat. Bring a million dollars." Well, that was a fib, but I would have brought the million to get Pat back. When Lauren and I were out visiting, she had left the bunny in the stacks at a library (she was having way too much fun exploring to have her arms tied up like that).

So thankfully this story has a happy ending. Lauren has her trusty sidekick back and I have my sleep... and a backup Pat is in the mail on its way.


  1. you might want to consider rotating the Pats on and off or else one Pat will become well worn and she might not accept a new Pat should the old one get lost. Just a thought. Collecting things for your garage sale. Will email you to arrange drop off when I'm done soon.

    1. We will for sure! My sister had two care bears that, for all intents and purposes were the exact same, but one would consistently be rejected and thrown out of her crib. I don't want there to be a good Pat and a bad Pat.
      Thanks for looking for the garage sale items. Please let me know if it is easier for us to pick them up.


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