Last time that I took Lauren to Maplewood Farms she couldn't yet walk and she was more interested at looking at the people than the animals. On Monday I took her again and things were totally different! Right from the first moment, she and her trusty buddy H-dog, were in love with the ducks.

They spent so long trying to become part of the flock. When we were able to drag the kids away, they were ready to go, go, go. Lauren spent the entire day looking at everyone and everything other than me. That girl has absolutely no fear! She tried a few times to join some of the preschool and elementary school groups that were there. She would just wander up to them and start walking with the big kids, touching them and pushing her way through to see what they were looking at.

In our last few minutes there, I let her choose where she wanted to go while I wandered behind her. She beelined for the turkey and stood right at its cage. There was a group of kids there who were probably at the end of their grade one year and Lauren pushed her way right into the middle of them at the turkey gate. One of the young boys noticed that the turkey was heading over and saw that Lauren's hands were on the gate and he quickly, but so gently, took her hands away from the cage, held them until the turkey had moved away and then put them back where they were. It was absolutely the sweetest, most thoughtful thing! I almost doubted what I saw until he did it again to her. That time she tumbled because she tripped on her feet as he kept her safe and his group leader looked over quickly. Based on typical kid behaviour, his leader assumed that the kids had done something intentional and I was so delighted to be able to tell him that his group was actually taking care of Lauren. What a way to end a great day. Sometimes the most amazing things are those quiet things that you don't notice unless you sit back and take the time to watch.

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