I was so excited for Lauren to be registered for daycare but now it is up in the air again. When I first contacted them, I told them that Lauren had a pacemaker but it seems that they are rethinking what that will mean for them. To hear that a little one has had a heart defect, now has a pacemaker and needs to be given medication multiple times a day, you picture a baby who is fragile, quiet and inactive. I'm meeting with the daycare on Monday and bringing Lauren with me so that they can meet her. I think that they will see that she is the exact opposite of fragile, quiet and inactive! I'm hoping that seeing her in person and being given doctors notes that say that she is fine to be in a daycare will help to put their minds at ease and be okay with having her. Until then I'm praying hard that she gets in. However, if this past year has shown me anything, I know that God already has his plan for Lauren in motion.

Here are some more shots of my little bundle of energy from the past few weeks. She has loved her pool, walking (really far actually), giving Austin hugs and eating more and more (it has been weeks now since she has puked! Amazing for her!!!). She has made such phenomenal progress in the past few weeks in all areas. I'm so incredibly proud of this little fighter. 



  1. Will be praying it all goes well tomorrow! Love the pictures of Lauren and glad she and Austin are getting along better now.

  2. She has started giving him hugs... though she definitely steers clear of his kisses. So cute.


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