This month I'm participating in something called Work Hardening. It is essentially a return to work program where you are a volunteer in what otherwise would be your classroom (or library). The past two days I've gone to work for a few hours each day. Since the school year is coming to a close, my job is to help close down the library by weeding the collection, completing the purchasing and setting up for next year. I love doing all of these things so it is a nice way to return.

Elysha, on the other hand, has been staying home with Lauren and fighting the good fight. This morning, Lauren and her little buddy, H-dog (not his real name, but it should be) spent so long playing in our new backyard kiddie pool and running around the yard in all states of dress. I thought Lauren would be totally pooped and nap like a champ. Well, she was pooped, but the napping....

Lauren literally fought Elysha every step of the way. So now Elysha, the good cop, has to do sleep training with Lauren for her naps. After two hours of trying to put Lauren down and having Lauren throw tantrums the entire time, Lauren finally tapped out. When I came home, Elysha looked absolutely exhausted. I think that she finds it ridiculously difficult to be stern with Lauren. I know that because anytime I ask Elysha to do something that I regularly do with Lauren, it takes at least twice as long because Lauren runs away, laughing and Elysha is too nice to tackle her and make her submit. Seriously, shoes aren't the enemy!

Elysha is probably so glad that she doesn't have to do the sleep training again until next week. However, now that she's won once, it should get better from here. For the next five days, Elysha can just go back to being Lauren's favourite auntie.

Here are some pictures from our time poolside. What a lovely morning it was!


  1. Love my little H-Dog! He looks so cute! They look like they had a blast together. Unfortunately for me.... All this fun didn't translate into a long nap - I think he and Lauren are in cahoots!

  2. The pics are really cute! Looks like they had a great time. Tell Elysha she has my sympathy. Lauren knows her aunt well I think.

  3. Naptime today with me putting her down was great. Yesterday...not so awesome. Elysha will have to try again next week and I'm afraid Lauren's got her number.


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