For Christmas, Matt's dad bought me Adobe CS6. I've used Adobe InDesign for years to create newsletter, advertising, and specialty invitations and paper products. I've taught myself everything that I know about this program but I knew that there was so much more to learn.

To remedy this, I signed up for an online course in Adobe Illustrator. I'm in the first week and it has been teaching many of the basics but I'm already so excited about the things that I will be able to create with this program. When I started the She's A Miracle shop, I think I was maybe even more excited about designing all of the packaging to go along with the products!

For my homework, this first week, I had to make a typographic poster akin to the ones that you see all over Pinterest and Etsy, but I needed a quote. I initially thought I would do a quote from one of my favourite books for Lauren but nothing really spoke to me. I asked Matt for a quote and he gave me, "Vote early, vote often, vote Arneill." I should have known better. When I rejected that one, he gave me some deep and meaningful quote that I didn't understand. So what did I do? I went with something almost as deep and meaningful. Here is my final product:

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