We've been asked if Lauren is a willful child and after I've had some time to think about it, I don't think she is willful. That seems to have negative connotations. For instance, I would have called my sister willful when she was little. She knew what she wanted to do (whatever she was told not to do) and she would try her darndest to do it. Lauren, on the other hand, is super focused in the same way, but not solely on the things that she is not meant to do. So I would describe Lauren as focused, curious and entertained by life. She spends a good amount of each day laughing at us or the things that she discovers.

Up until she turned a year old, every month I would record the things that Lauren currently loved and was interested in. I love these lists because they show such development and change - and they also show things that she loved for a very long time (i.e. "petting" Austin). I thought it would be fun to record a list of her current obsessions because, though the month milestones are not as big now, she still is changing and the things she likes are also changing.


- putting her hands up in the running stroller when she's going down a hill
- only napping once a day (this still hurts my heart)
- orange slices
- squishing orange slices
- grabbing any and all cell phones
- Despicable Me (I can't wait for Despicable Me 2 in July!)
- touching food that has already been in her mouth
- laying on her tummy in the bath and putting her mouth in the water
- watching herself pee standing up any time that her diaper is taken off
- clapping and screaming for an audience
- having an audience
- slamming computer keyboards and erasing my work
- her bath time duck
- purple Gatorade
- eating keys
- throwing toys one at a time out of her toy box
- opening cupboards and drawers
- putting colanders on her head
- pulling all hats and bows off of her head
- constantly moving from room to room
- eating Gerber star puffs
- playing with the drawer pulls on our dresser
- going in the bath
- having a shower
- quietly singing to herself
- reading eating her books
- making laundry
- pulling items off the bookshelf
- exploring outside
- crawling with something in her left hand (the noise on the hardwood makes it easy to locate her)
- having early morning cuddles
- being awesome

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