Lauren has had an appointment every day this week so far and she has another one on Friday. That, combined with nap and night time sleep training has kept us pretty busy.

The sleep training was going well but then Monday night threw it off a bit. I was going through the process of the night time routine, having a little cuddle, putting her down awake and then going back in after a set amount of time. Lauren was putting up a good fight that night. On one of my times to calm her and get her back to bed, I heard Matt yell out in a way that he has never yelled before. It wasn't loud, but it was urgent. I pretty much threw Lauren in her bed (hey, mattresses are bouncy for a reason) and went out to see Matt hanging on the sink wrapping his hand in a tea towel. I knew that wasn't a good sign. While doing the dishes, Matt had gone to wash a knife that we don't normally use and apparently it has maintained its sharpness because it sliced right through the kitchen sponge and into his thumb. I took one look at it and started to pack up for the hospital. This is when it pays to have family living close by. My mom was over in a matter of minutes and Matt and I set out to the hospital. Upon leaving I told my mom, "Try to get Lauren to sleep or just get her up, I don't care." So Lauren got up. She was probably just so excited to see my mom that sleep was the last thing on her mind. After an hour in the emergency waiting room, Elysha went to relieve my mom and I got regular updates of Lauren's refusal to sleep. Matt and I finally made it home by 2am with four stitches and a tetanus shot. I've got to admit, it was kind of relaxing for me because I got to read my book for an extended period of time - something that doesn't regularly happen.

Anyway, Lauren's IDP appointment on Monday went well. Lauren showed off her new skills and tried to eat all of Maria's papers. Typical. Today Maria came back with an OT who specializes in feeding. They watched Lauren eat and gave me some suggestions to help her along. Right now she's about five months behind where she should be but she's showing increased interest in food so that is great news! And she has started drinking from a bottle today! Why she couldn't have started that like eight or nine months ago I don't know but I'm excited for this progress. So far I have only given her water in the bottle but hopefully we can progress to other liquids as well. At least this I can leave on the floor so that Lauren can access water whenever she wants and I don't have to worry that it will get knocked over and make a mess (who am I kidding, she has peed and spilled so much on the floor that water would probably be helpful). Today was encouraging because the OT said that I'm doing a good job of listening to Lauren's needs and giving her what she wants to make feeding successful. That was nice to hear because I find feeding her one of my least favourite activities of the day (kind of like how I hate to put gas in my car. There's no particular reason to hate it, I just do.). So Lauren and I will keep trucking along. I don't expect her to be 18 and still have this problem. She's just a little bit behind the rest.

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