I set the alarm on my phone and from the moment that Lauren awoke, I took a picture every hour. Here is a look at Lauren's day...
Good Morning, World!
Blocks my favourite teething toys!
Ooh, standing!
Why do you have to buy safety stuff, Mom?
Lauren's napping. Time to work on her 4 to 5 month photobook.
Breakfast time. Still napping.
A present? For me?!
At the pediatrician's to be told I'm just perfect. Tall and slim. 
We're off to the fabric store.
Car catnap.
To Opa and Oma's for babysitting. Here I get to play with all the dog toys that I want. Take that, Austin!
Food and Disney's Robin Hood. Perfect combination.
Bath time. I'll drink some water and be ready for bed. What a great day!

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