So that promise of sleep from the doctor... not happening. Lauren continues to be awake on and off until 4am or so. I'm starting to get pretty tired. I have started to live for 4am because I know that, at that time, Lauren will actually sleep until 8:30am without waking.

The other night, after we put her down, Lauren decided that she was way too excited to sleep. After over an hour of trying to get her back to bed, we just gave in. It's that or run away screaming, "I just can't take it anymore." Matt and I continued to enjoy our "baby free" evening time with her crawling around on the floor and playing with her toys, but then I went down to flip the laundry.

I should have know that the night was going too well (insert sarcastic tone there). This was the second time that I had set the wash machine to drain and it hadn't. Stupidly I opened up the door to see what was going on and a waterfall of soapy water exploded from the washer. In my second stupid move I tried to stop the water with one hand until Matt shook me out of my stupor by telling me to shut the door. Oh, right. So now it was 11pm, there was a baby crawling around eating every little piece of leaf and ribbon that was on the laundry room floor, and our wash machine wasn't working. That would have been fine if the load that was stuck in there didn't contain every single one of Lauren's diaper covers. I figured that maybe turning it off would help it reset (that's how I deal with problems on my computer - super smart, I know) but instead that just caused the door to lock with the machine shut down. Diapers, no!! I spent half an hour trying to unplug the machine and plug it back in, push combinations of buttons to have it release the door, and scour the troubleshooting guide in the manual. Nothing. Then Matt walked over and, like magic, it opened. Maybe the wash machine just likes him better. That must be it.

In my extensive reading of the wash machine manual, I realized that the washer might be stopped because there is a problem with the drain on the base of the machine. I told Matt about it and he started to investigate. Oh, but opening that drain also meant that the waterfall that had tried to force its way out of the door of the machine was now shooting like a cannon out of the bottom of the machine and all over the floor. At least it wasn't me doing it this time. Matt and I spent the next 10 minutes slowly opening the drain, letting water pour into a shallow cooking pan (that we won't be cooking with anymore), and dumping it down the laundry basin. In the end we found a huge clog of carpet from the baby's room. She has a terrible shag carpet that she likes to pull fibers from to put into her mouth and carry around the house. We literally find them everywhere - in our bathroom, outside, on our clothes - and there is the problem.

So, I've been thinking about it and the other night was made exciting entirely by Lauren. She was up when she shouldn't be, her diapers were stuck in the machine and the carpet in her room is the reason that the machine stopped working and Matt and I got to play in a homemade water park. Thanks for all of that baby. How about if you just start sleeping, you little mischief maker!

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