I secretly love when Lauren does naughty things. She will head into another room and go straight for whatever she isn't supposed to do (eat a power cord, play in the toilet, munch on a cell phone) and do it as fast as she can. Now, I don't like that part but I do love the part where she sees me coming into a room and she will give me a shocked look, drop or throw whatever she has in her hands that she's not supposed to have and she shrieks and laughs as hard as she can. It's all I can do to not kill myself laughing as well. That is bad parenting.

It was funny until tonight when she was streaking (literally) around the house after her bath and when I followed her into the kitchen she was in the process of opening the cupboard under the sink with all of the cleaning supplies. They are very far back, but still, I will be going to Toys R Us first thing tomorrow morning and baby proof all of the cupboards and drawers. Some naughty things are funny and some are scary. However, it was really funny when she started shriek laughing stark naked! Have I mentioned that I love this little girl?!

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