I must admit, Goodnight Moon is a classic but that book drives me crazy. I feel like the page "Goodnight nothing" is such a waste of a page. Who says goodnight to nothing?! Rather than wasting time with that, just go to sleep already.

But I digress, this post is actually a sleep update. For four days we have been sleep training Lauren. We've done the wuss sleep training. If we let her cry it out, she vomits and then just gets to have another bath, which she loves. She will happily take a bath at any time of the day or night. She's had a midnight bath before and she loved it! So we let her cry for one minute, go in and calm her, she cries for two minutes, grit your teeth and calm her, and then we do repeats of 5 minutes crying and calming. The first night (Thursday), we started the training at 8:30pm and it went until 11pm when she finally gave in and fell asleep. Then Friday night, it took 45 minutes of crying - a significant improvement. On Saturday night she took 5-10 minutes and at one point cried and went back to sleep all by herself. Okay, I know many of you are thinking that this isn't really that great, but Lauren hasn't done this since before her surgeries! This is a huge accomplishment. Last night was a bit tough with the time change and having to mess with her naps, but today (insert royal trumpets here) she put herself down for a nap!! She has NEVER done that!!! Ever. This is a game changer people. 

Next I'm going to train her to change her own diapers. Right now she just shoves her hand onto her poopy bum as soon as I take her diaper off. It is less than ideal. Elysha keeps telling her that ladies don't do that but Lauren just looks at her and blows raspberries. 

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  1. WOW!!!! Way to go Lauren!!!! Congratulations for your perseverance Amanda and Matt. I praying for many more sleep filled nights and easy nap times. This is indeed great news.


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