Lauren has been learning new things every day. As we speak (er, as I write), Lauren is nibbling away at a Mum Mum rice snack. For most babies this is a normal thing at 7 months or so. It has taken Lauren almost an hour two eat the two crackers in the pack but she is doing it! It makes me so proud of her and so hopeful for her eating in the future.

There are many other exciting things that Lauren has been learning...and some that aren't so great. Let's start with the good news. Over the last few nights, Lauren has been walking around with her walker.

She still prefers to crawl and I think that is because she is cheetah fast at it. She sets her direction and just motors!

Lauren (finally) understands the word "no" (though she is also learning selective hearing).

She gives you things, you say thank you, and then she gets them back.

She claps her hands and whips her head around to look at us because she knows that we will start to clap in response.

If there is something in front of the couch, she will figure out a way to step on it and the pull herself up onto the couch.

Lauren knows what oranges are and she throws a temper tantrum when Matt gets one out and doesn't give her a piece to suck on RIGHT AWAY. (She is also starting to react the same way to pineapple and purple Gatorade.)

Some of her learning is funny. She stands in front of the VCR and plays with the cassette flap, opening and closing it. She unplugs the stopper from the bath and then re-plugs it. She pulls herself up on the opposite side of the table and peeks over to check us out while we eat. She knows which closet has the mirror in it and she will push open the door and give herself a few french kisses.

There is also a lot that she has learned that we enjoy (because she's learning), but we have to, um, redirect.

Just yesterday, Lauren learned how to pull her legs up and stand up in her high chair... discourage.

She has figured out how to open drawers and cupboards and then pinches her fingers... discourage.

She has outdone herself with toilet roll emptying efficiency... discourage.

And the dishwasher, oh, no big deal, but she can climb right in... discourage!

But the learning that I think disturbs me the most is that she seems to know that all of those "no" things that she's not allowed to do while I'm around, should happen the very second that I turn my back.

Oh, man. We're going to have our hands full with this little one. And I love every minute of it.

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