When Lauren is teething, she makes the most terrible noise. It is a prolonged nasal whine that she does regardless of how she's feeling or what's going on. Happy? Here's the noise. Sad? Oh, the noise again. Bored? Noise. Hungry? Where's mom... oh, punching herself in the brain so she doesn't have to hear the noise anymore.

The two nights before last were terrible again! Lauren was up all the time, fussing and crying, and I thought that our nights of sleep were over. It had been a blissful week and a half and I knew it was too good to be true. Last night she went down relatively easy. I had pumped her full of Tylenol and she had been on Advil all day. I sat down, ready to do some of the work that I have had to ignore the last two nights and then the wailing started again. After two hours of her wanting to be picked up, put down, turned around and crying the whole time, Matt and I were losing our sanity. He had the genius idea of snuggling her into our bed with us (while I kept making tutus) and putting on Robin Hood. He and I both enjoy that movie so it wouldn't be like watching TinkerBell (for the 1,204,798th time). After 40 minutes or so, Lauren was ready for bed. It took a few tries to get her down but then she was down, only waking twice for feeds. Thank the Lord! I don't know if I could have handled another night like the last two. Her floor is only so comfortable and sleeping in her chair causes my feet and bum to go numb - a curious feeling for sure.

Lauren finally sleeping was also reassuring because every time that something happens where she isn't bright and cheery, Matt and I both start to wonder about her heart, though we both try to pretend we aren't worried so as not to worry the other. It's a tricky mind game that we play. Yesterday was the final straw for both of us when, after two days and nights of unhappy, crying Lauren, she woke up with blood caked under her nose. She has never had a nose bleed before and with baby talons like hers it is entirely possible that it was just a scratch to the nose but who knows? The first time that she had teething symptoms, it was actually heart failure.

I don't want to be one of those moms who spends her life worrying about her kid. I let Lauren play in our garden, she shoves UFOs (unidentified fallen objects) into her mouth on the regular, and she bangs her head on all sorts of things (don't worry, it's not too hard). But those things won't kill her. Her heart almost did. However, living in the present, like I'm trying to do, makes me want to chalk things like this up to teething and be done with it. And I tried. I tried really hard. And in the end, I called the cardiologist. Like always, she was very gracious and helpful and she talked me down off the wall. Lauren will be going for her next check-up on April 16th so we will find out more then about the problems with her aorta.

Someone needs to figure out a way to make teething easier. This is nuts.

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