Lauren's life is filled with toys but apparently she can never get enough. She spends much of her day creating toys. I shouldn't be too surprised because one of her favourite toys a few months ago as she was building up her muscle strength again was a pink Cuisinart spatula.

I spend so much time in a day cleaning up Lauren's invented toys. Here is a list of areas that you might find her in (and you know that if you can't hear her, she's up to something she shouldn't be. Something like licking our phone chargers, playing in the pint sized swimming pool (aka toilet) or eating a floor mat.)

In the kitchen, Lauren opens all of the lower drawers. The colander goes on her head, the measuring spoons go in her mouth and all of the mixing bowls and water bottles end up spread around the kitchen where they double as noise makers. I also found a collection of mixing bowls in her bedroom the other day. The spread has begun!

Speaking of spread - shoes - there are shoes everywhere! Upon waking in the morning, Lauren sets to work. Apparently shoes put away in a drawer are offensive and she attempts to remedy that offense as quickly as possible. Every one of her shoes get systematically thrown out, one at a time, and then she grabs her glittery pink shoes and heads out of the door. This one ended up in the bathroom.

It was dumped there because she started in on my hair appliance drawer. All brushes get taken out and chewed on, the silicone heat pad gets screamed at and cords get moved into ideal tripping placement. The silicone heat pad accompanies Lauren as she heads down the hall to our room.

In our room, the closet is full of many different activities. There is opening the door, kissing herself in the mirror, screaming in her own face, playing peek-a-boo through my long dresses and hiding in the back of our hanging shirts. So much fun!

But the real fun, the fun that is like candy - something that is only a treat - are all of the places that Lauren can play in the basement. Nightlights? They all need to get pulled off the wall. Craft table? Suck on the bolts. Washer? The perfect drum. Dryer? How does that light work? Ripped linoleum? It's even more fun than my lift the flap book! Vacuum? Where have you been old friend? Stuff on the floor? In her mouth.

Actually, now that I think about it, that must be where that dead spider ended up. I wondered where it went.


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