It was amazing to me to hear from some of the people who read this blog and follow Lauren's story (though I'm considering calling it Lauren's adventures now because of her exploratory and curious nature). There are people who are connected to us in so many ways that I know Lauren and Matt and I are constantly lifted up in love and in prayer.

Thank you for your notes and your messages. I appreciate every one of them. And to prove my appreciation, drum roll please, Lauren has selected one reader as a winner of the feather giveaway. She was attacking all of the names as I wrote them out so she went into baby jail (aka the play pen).

I didn't want to take her out so I threw all of the names into the playpen and let her search for them in the mound of toys that have accumulated in the jail.

The first one that she found (and ate) was Landon. I'm pretty sure that Landon will be putting the feather clip into his 10 month old daughter's hair, not his own.

Please send me a message with your address and I will get your fancy feather clip out to you right away.

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