Yesterday I got an excited message from one of my customers who is a huge fan of my feather clips. She had been shopping on Commercial Drive with some of her friends and went into the store Little Earth, a kids clothing boutique that carries new and consignment clothing. One of the owners was in there and she started chatting with my customer (maybe I should start calling her the president of my fan club - I feel like she might even be a bigger fan of me than my own family (back up off me, family, you know I'm kidding)). The owner was interested in the feather clips that her daughter and friends' children were wearing and the message I received from my customer told me to get my sweatpant-free self down there and bring my product because the owner wanted to see them.

This morning, Elysha, Lauren and I trouped down with a selection of my different feather clips and my other bows (just in case). The owners were surprised to see me so quickly but I figured there was no three day first date rule for this and I wanted to jump on it. I'm so glad that I did! After looking through all of my samples, I can now announce that starting next week my feather clips and all of my other bow styles will be carried at Little Earth! Eek!!

It is nice to have people like my product enough to want to have it in their store. I'm extra proud because all of my clips and bows are original designs that I came up with all by myself with no help from Pinterest, just some ribbon, thread and a really sharp needle ready to attack my fingers. I love Pinterest but I feel that it is getting harder and harder to be original (but don't get me wrong, I have some serious love for Pinterest! I was hooked while it was still in Beta). So there will be no tutorials on how I make my bows because, while it would be exciting to have them repinned, I would rather continue to make them myself and now have them available in a real live store! Soon, hopefully, there will be more kids just like Lauren with beautiful bows on their heads (that they can rip off if they are anything like my munchkin. Stop fighting it, Lauren, they are going to keep going on there!)

Tomorrow the winner of the feather giveaway will be announced (Lauren will be random drawing the winner). If you haven't yet entered, simply send me a message at focusingonmiracles at gmail.com or leave me a comment with your name and a bit about you. 

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