Approximately a week ago I received an email from a woman who reads this blog. It made my day because it made me feel a connection to the people who read this blog. Apparently there are 350 people a day who take a look at this blog. Matt, my parents, Elysha and Cameron are only 5 people. Who are the other 345 people?

I am a true believer in bribery (of the legal variety), so here we go. I love making bows for Lauren. They look so pretty until she yanks them off of her head and throws them across the room or tries to eat them. I also wear many of the bows that I make for her, but I wanted something that made me feel beautiful and not like a little girl. I found a beautiful selection of feathers and started to create. For our date night last week, I put up my hair and made it fancy by adding a guinea fowl feather clip with crystals.

So, leave me a note here or on my She's A Miracle Facebook page and let me know who you are and why you read this blog. One person will win her (or his?) own fancy feather hair clip. Get fancy with me!

If you don't win, you can buy your own clip on my She's A Miracle Etsy page.


  1. I'm Desiree!! I read your blog because I love you! And Lauren!

  2. Hi Amanda, I started reading your blog when Lauren was first in the hospital. Your parents put the link in the bulletin. I read it to keep up to date on Lauren and as the prayer coordinator to let our church know the prayer needs and praise reports. Now I follow it to celebrate Lauren's accomplishments and normal baby stuff like teething. I feel invested in your story. I also enjoy your honesty and your writing. I've been blessed by some of the things you have shared as you've gone through this journey so far. Angela Elliott ([email protected])

  3. I began reading your blog and praying for your family just after Lauren was first admitted into the hospital. I love hearing updates on how well Lauren is doing.

  4. I'm Vanessa! I started reading your blog when my friend {and your friend, of course} Desiree started posting about Lauren on Facebook. I've enjoyed reading, praying, and celebrating through all your milestones with Lauren!

  5. Jacqueline Donkersloot4/3/13, 1:10 PM

    Hi! I am Jacqueline Donkersloot and I am a friend of Joel Pel. I read your blog because it's sweet and funny and honest, and because I like to compare Lauren to my youngest daughter because they are the same age and often doing the same things at the same time. It also reminds me to cherish the health of my children and give them lots of kisses. (Except that I am ignoring one of them crying right now, this second.)

  6. I am Elsa. I started following your blog after seeing it on Facebook through a friend. I have a son who is only a couple of weeks younger than Lauren, and maybe that makes these things more real to me. You have a refreshingly honest way of writing and it has sucked me right in :) I have laughed and cried, rejoiced and prayed reading these posts. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm Rachel :) I work at McMath and have been following along daily and faithfully since the first day I discovered the lovely Miss Lauren and your brave journey! Keep up the blog and excellent work, it makes my heart SING to see her doing so well xoxo


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