Two months ago, Lauren's pediatrician checked her out, squeezed her legs a bit and said, "Fourteen months. She'll be walking by 14 months." Last night, he was proved 100% right. On the night before she turned fourteen months, Lauren started walking.

For quite awhile, Lauren has been cruising around on furniture and taking one or two steps alone to come into my arms for a hug but she has been quite hesitant about doing more than that. We would get her standing, she would stand for an extended period of time and then slowly lower herself to the floor and crawl away like a little baby rocket. I have been just fine with this because she's enough to keep up with on all fours, I can't imagine what being on two legs will be like. Well, now I don't need to imagine any longer.

I felt some serious mommy guilt when she started walking because I wasn't there for her first steps since my parents were babysitting her so I could have a break. It took me a bit of thinking to realize that I actually was there for her first steps - those steps that she would take into my arms or when we would wander around the house with her clinging to my fingers. Matt was at a work dinner so he also missed her walking, but he is the one who spent so long in the evening walking around the house with her. While we may have missed this first walking session, we worked so hard to get her there and we will be there for every step that comes after. There is definitely no shortage of love or support for Lauren in this house.

Anyway, wish me luck! I'm now officially chasing around a toddler.

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  1. Way to go Lauren!!! and good luck Amanda and Matt. Life will take on a whole new level of fun.


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