Lauren has a best friend. There is no other that will do. Her best friend makes her laugh, helps her walk and holds her hand. No, Austin isn't her best friend (he has been sent to a farm / my parents' house because they are not in the love portion of a love / hate relationship right now)... the vacuum is her best friend.

It is impossible to have the vacuum out without Lauren hanging on to it with her hair blowing in its breeze. She hears its roar and comes running (her fastest crawling). It helped her learn to walk because she would stand up to have it blow in her face and as I moved the vacuum through the house, she would cling to it and walk along. She plays with it even when it is just hanging around in the kitchen.

That all might sound like normal attraction, but we know it is true love because, when Lauren is downstairs with us, she often disappears behind the curtain covering the closet in the laundry room and visits her friend, Vacuum, in her home under the stairs. She laughs, lovingly hits Vacuum on the back and Vacuum doesn't complain even one bit.

I wonder which of our household appliances will be the object of Lauren's affections next. My money is on the dryer. The clothes move as if by magic and that light is so enticing.

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