Before Lauren went into the hospital for the first time, Elysha was living in California working as a bankruptcy lawyer. She had been down there for 5 years and she was great at her job, but she had started to miss being home. That was initially triggered when Lauren was born and had been niggling in the back of Elysha's head. In California she had her own place, had a job doing what she loved, and had made her life there. Here she had us. But then Lauren was added to the "us" and it made us a much more attractive bunch. 

When Lauren went into the hospital, that pretty much pushed Elysha to make the decision. She committed herself completely to her family. That meant that she had to go backwards in her life in a manner of speaking.  She gave her notice at work and within a month she had packed up her apartment, left her job, left the US and moved in with us to give us help and support during the hardest time of our lives. I can only imagine how hard it was to leave all of that and now have to do so much to regain her ability to practice law in Canada. Elysha did it all and did it all with so much love in her heart. 

For months Elysha lived with us during the week and with my parents on the weekends. It has been a long time coming but she has just moved out into her own (beautifully renovated) apartment. Matt, Lauren and I went over to see it on Sunday and Elysha already has a TinkerBell movie saved on her TV for Lauren. 

During Elysha's time here she helped us so much. She helped me work through my feelings, exhaustion, fear and happiness. She came to every doctor's appointment and check-up. She helped me make food, clean the house and take care of Lauren. She sang, she danced and she wore sweatpants with me. Sometimes Matt joked that now he had sisterwives because we were both doing so many things that one wife does. But I just couldn't do it alone and Elysha stepped in seamlessly. 

Things are getting better now. Lauren is a joy and she is rocking the show. I am slowly working through readjusting to having a "healthy" baby. Elysha is sleeping in her own place now and enjoying her own space, but she still comes here many days to help out during the day. 

Elysha makes me laugh, she helps me feel light and she is completely devoted to Lauren. Lauren is in love with her too. This morning when I went in to get Lauren up she kept looking past me to see when Elysha would come singing into the room with the latest nickname to bequeath on her. Elysha brings so much joy to my life and to Lauren's life. 

I am so glad that she has come back home. It took 5 years of praying but we all know prayer works. 

Elysha - Thank you for giving up so much and helping us more than I can ever express. You've been instrumental in moving us towards the light at the end of the tunnel. I love you!

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