Lauren has spent many of the last few days exploring every speck on the floor, oranges, mirrors and every set of keys that she can get her hands on. Today she actually started to have a little baby temper tantrum because I wouldn't let her eat Matt's keys. I find that during her day to day exploring and playing I would spend the entire time telling her "No" unless I came up with a specific set of parameters for using the "N" word. I knew that I would be kind of laid back about what she got into from my time in the classroom. The big issues I would take care of but little ones like who poked who were not something that I would intervene for. So my general rules are will you get hurt and is it super disgusting? If I answered yes to any of these questions, then the activity stops. For example, playing on the gate at the top of the stairs. Potential for hurt? Yes. So Lauren gets redirected. Example number two, licking a bowl on the floor. Hurting her? No. Disgusting? No. Wait, is that the bowl that the dog was just licking. Disgusting? Yes! 

One of Lauren's favourite acceptable activities is playing with herself in the mirror (waving, dancing and kissing herself).

Another is going through people's bags and bonus points if she can find a set of keys. She's so in love with keys that I'm planning to go to Home Depot and purchase some blank keys for her to have her own key set. I remember that I had a key set at my Opa and Oma's place when I was little and I would take the keys on all of our walks and try them in every door. I also fondly remember sucking on the keys just like Lauren does. That is gross but I totally understand why Lauren does it. Metal has a great tang. 

Lauren has also been playing with friends. She used to sit there and flap her arms while other babies played but now she is right in there like a dirty shirt. Watching her, Matt and I have decided that she might be a bit of a bully. This is pretty much how it goes... 
"Oh, you have a toy. You're enjoying that toy. I will enjoy that toy now." (Take said toy.)
This is something that we need to work on. Is it wrong that I think it is kind of funny? Yes. It is. But it still is funny. 

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