People have pointed out how Lauren gazed at the ambulance attendant on Halloween when she was taken to the hospital in the ambulance. She has hidden it for awhile but I think she may have learned more on that trip than I understood. 

The other day Lauren saw my old Cabbage Patch Kid in a pile of animals on her floor. She promptly crawled over and pulled the little girl out of the rubble and this is what happened next (and it shows exactly why I usually have my camera right beside me)...

"Oh no! What are you doing here?! Here, let me pull you out by your hair."

"Success. Now, let's lie you out flat and assess the situation. No pulse in your eye and your leg isn't breathing."

"Hmm. This is worse than I thought. But don't worry, I know what to do. Tip the head back and put my mouth over your face."

"Anything yet? No. Just a stupid smile on your face. Don't you know you still need help?! Stop looking at that woman with the camera. She's crazy."

"Let's try this again. Step One: Mouth on face. Step Two; Lightly bite nose. I'm such a professional."


"I'm outta here."

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