Anyone who has met Matt knows that he is a HUGE fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I used to watch Canucks games until we started dating when watching a game meant that I would have to hear a two hour barrage of "information" from Matt about how Vancouver fans aren't hard core enough, how the Canucks aren't really that good and how it's not a true team. Sometimes I like to remind him that the first time that we went out together (as friends!) in high school, I took him to see his very first live hockey game and it was the Canucks game when Pavel Bure scored his 50th goal. It was very exciting. (I did have to limit Matt to one swear word a period.)

Well, now we only watch Toronto games. I root for them only because when they win Matt is even more lovely to be around. 

Toronto was doing pretty well last year in the beginning of the season. It seemed that as soon as Lauren was born, the wheels fell off. I was a little embarrassed to put Lauren into one of her many Toronto Maple Leafs outfits in those early months. 

Well, now it's a new season and the team is doing pretty well (hey, it's still early). For her birthday this year, Lauren's Aunt and Uncle gave her her very own Toronto Jersey with her name on the back. I think that she looks pretty cute in it (and Matt looks so incredibly proud with his little Toronto fan). 

The best part of all is that Lauren actually really does like watching hockey! Now Matt just has to work hard to make sure that she lives up to his expectations of her as a fan. 

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