Elysha's friend, Heather, made an absolutely beautiful slideshow of photos of Lauren's life for Lauren's first birthday. It is hard to watch every time because certain photos bring up painful memories that are still so vivid but it is a beautiful testament to Lauren's strength and resilience.

Heather described the video of being comprised of three chapters, one with each song. That is a perfect way to describe how Lauren's life is - three chapters. Those chapters are birth and growth, heart surgery summer, and then her journey towards health. Thankfully that is where we are now, in her journey towards health.

Please, take some time (and a kleenex), and watch this beautiful gift that Heather made for us. Oh, and the opening photo below was picked by YouTube. I would have picked one where she was smiling because that is what she spends most of her time doing now. (Update: Elysha and I managed to remedy that problem today! Now it no longer has one of the terrible hospital pictures as the thumbnail screen. That was just too depressing to look at - especially since that is not who she is anymore.)

Sunshine by JJ Heller
Angel by Jack Johnson
I Get to Be the One by JJ Heller

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  1. What a beautiful video of Lauren's life. A celebration too of how far she's come and the tremendous child she is. What a great gift to receive from your friend.


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