Phew. After that last post, I needed some time to lay low and play around with Lauren. In the last week we have done many simple things together like digging in the dirt in the backyard, reading lots of books and going to Costco (once on purpose, once because my car broke down and it was right beside a Costco. There are worse places to break down. Lauren spent a solid 10 minutes playing in a garden shed display while we waited for my dad to rescue us.). Lauren also got her first cold... which meant that I also got her first cold and she figured out that a party happens every night after she goes to bed. We got to do Sleep Training: Season 4 with her and thankfully, for the last two nights, she has slept through the night again.

Here is a quick look at our lives this week...

Best thing for a sore throat: a homemade popsicle.
 Costco wandering.
 Duplo exhaustion.

 I don't think she's impressed with me leaving her with the geese to take a picture.
 Nope, she just wanted to chase them herself.
 Guinea pig visit!
 Playgym for a friend's birthday party.

 Digging aftermath.
 Lauren's own mini sized couch.
 Umm, Lauren got to go crazy in a change room at the mall and it was the highlight of her life. 

We've been working with Lauren on some sign language so that she can communicate what she wants. She has only been using her tongue properly in the past few months to eat so it will take a bit longer before she can talk as much as she wants to. For now, she's catching on to the sign language really, really quickly. She can now point to an object that she wants and sign please, she shakes her head no, signs when she is all done something and has learned the sign for eat. We are in the process of working on "open" and "close." I don't think those ones are super important but she seems to find them entertaining, so I do them. It's amazing what these little people can make us do if they promise us a smile.

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  1. Glad to hear you were having a good week. I realize that with you going back to work soon, we're just going to have less updates. I remember being convinced there was a party happening after I went to bed too but I was a whole lot older than Lauren. Smart girl! Enjoy the last of summer vacation.


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