When Lauren was in the ICU, one of the best tips that we were given was to hoard the oral syringes and plunger tips so that we had extras. We typically use the same oral syringes for Lauren for a few days in a row and then they go into a container that I have for cleaning and sterilization. The cleaning and sterilizing of the syringes takes quite awhile so it is nice not to have to do it all that often. 

Over Lauren's multiple times in the hospital and through the tests that she's had to have as an outpatient, our collection of medical supplies had grown and grown. I've kept all of it in a drawer in her nightstand that she knows that she isn't allowed to go into (so she often stands at the drawers, makes eye contact and slowly opens the drawer as I say, "No." It's super effective apparently because the next thing I know, she has pulled the drawer open and she's pulling out all of the clean syringes.). Naughty angel!

After hearing that her heart is recovering well and her medication will start to be slowly reduced in January, I figured that I could finally go in and clean the drawer out since fewer things in the drawer mean fewer things for Lauren to "reorganize."

This is the mess that I started with. I will say that I am typically very organized in drawers and cupboards so for me, this was getting out of control. There are medicine bottles, new prescriptions, saline syringes, clean syringes, teething drops, alcohol swabs, medicine cups, gauze, adhesive remover and, of course, a comb. 

I was able to get it down to just a few items in her drawer. I got rid of all of her "R" syringes since she is no longer on Ranitidine and all of her "L" syringes since she no longer needs Lasix. The "T" for Tylenol syringes have gone as well because she has cut all of her toddler teeth already. Since there are no surgeries or tests with adhesive coming up any time soon, I got rid of all of the wound care items. I still kept the comb which seems strange now because Matt always brushes her hair with a brush. I love the empty space that is now available in the drawer. Hopefully one day it will be free to be filled with hair clips, bits of costume jewelry and special items that Lauren has collected.

Next, onto my medication!

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