Lauren's hair has gone through many stages.

When she was first born, it was brown and there was a lot of it. In fact, one of the first things that Matt said when he saw her was, "She's got hair!" It was so soft and fluffy. I still remember rubbing my face through it and inhaling that beautiful baby scent. (Oh my gosh, looking at this picture, I just want to eat her up!)

Then the bald spot from the bed appeared.It came late so I thought we might have avoided it, but we had no such luck. I kept telling myself that it would grow back but...

Instead it spread and she ended up with nothing but a "backstache." That only lasted for a few days and then total and complete baldness ensued.
She was cute and chubby and bald. No hair clips for her!
 I swear she stayed in the hair fuzz stage for months!
 A close crop.
Finally it started to grow... but mostly just on top a bit and at the back. She has a legit mullet now. I try to class it up by calling it her moo-lay, but it is hard to spin it. My little girl is sporting a mullet.

But yesterday our problems were solved as she finally stayed still long enough for me to wrestle her hair into two delicate little pigtails. The first time I tried to get them in there, she ran through the house yelling with me trailing right behind her trying in vain to grasp her little wisps of hair.

Finally, success!


  1. Oh my, those little pig tails are just so cute! Did she keep them in for long or is she like my niece that takes them out as soon as possible?

    1. She doesn't even seem to notice them! She has had them in a few times now and she is totally fine with it.


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