My little girl is turning into a little lady who loves life. Recent highlights of her growth and experiences include a full morning at daycare (first full day trial is tomorrow - eek!), riding in her bike trailer, getting to sit in the big girl seats in the car while we are working in the garage and petting, hugging and leaning on the dog (not really a highlight of his life though).

My imminent return to work has kept me really busy and that is why my posting has slowed down. It will likely stay slower as I try to balance a new addition to my life... but don't leave us! Lauren will still be ready to entertain with her craziness.

1 comment:

  1. Love that first pic of Lauren! Seems to show her love for life so well. I'm glad you're not going completely away. I enjoy hearing about all the things Lauren is learning and doing. Hoping her first full day of daycare went well. Praying for a good return to work for you and daycare for Lauren.


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