One year ago, this past Sunday, Lauren was on ECMO, the heart and lung bypass machine. Her heart was laying still inside her chest and they weren't sure when it would start to beat again. I remember the first moments that it started to flicker. It was not regular and it wasn't strong enough to push any blood, but sitting there with Matt as we whispered words of love into her ears, it started to move. We felt such victory in that moment! 

This past Sunday, Matt brought Lauren up to the front of the church for the kids' story. It was so cute to see her sitting up there on his lap surrounded by all of the other kids. They talked about the story of Joshua and how they marched around the walls of Jericho and the kids were invited to march around the altar at the front of the church. All of the kids, including Lauren, popped up and started to go. As she walked further away from Matt, she started to slow down, but all she needed was the smallest encouragement and all you could see was a little blond head running along around the altar. 

I thought that I was the only one who found this to be an amazing victory but so many people stopped us afterwards and asked us if one year ago we could have pictured this. I had to excuse myself because I started to tear up, while Matt managed to get out, "No, one year ago today she was on a heart and lung bypass machine." We weren't the only ones who realized that this was a day that we were seeing the outcome of a miracle. 

Matt has taken this week off of work. He did the same last year but we had our unexpected "vacation" in the ICU. This week has been so much better! Today, we took Lauren to the ocean for the first time. And there was no getting her out of it. 

She spent two hours in the water! Every time that we would take her back up to the blanket, she would pop up and head back down the beach. She's a natural water baby. 

And on a side note... do you see a scar?! It has cleared up so much on the top half. The bottom half is still darker because they had to cut it open for her pacemaker incision in December. I'm sure that it will clear up just as well.

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