Matt and I are getting sick of commercials that make us cry. Seeing sick kids or kids in hospitals brings both of us close to tears. But what makes us really cry is when the commercial is about helping these kids. Have you seen this commercial?

I know that on August 8th, Matt will be having a Blizzard. As someone with celiac disease, I will enjoy one vicariously. Lauren might have to have her first taste of a blizzard, because, on that day, the full proceeds from every Blizzard sold go straight to our local Children's Hospital! Now, who doesn't love a Blizzard?

So, tomorrow, at lunch, for a snack or after dinner for dessert, head down to a DQ store and pick up a Blizzard. There aren't many chances to have such a delicious opportunity to help sick kids.

See the full details here.

If you get one, let us know by a comment here or on Facebook. There is no excuse not to!


  1. Sadly, blizzards aren't in my diet either. So mine was eaten vicariously also. Will have to find other ways to support BC Children's Hospital and the awesome work they do. Hope Matt enjoyed his.


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