I haven't posted much this week for one big reason... sleep. I'm sure you've heard this before but Lauren is not a great sleeper. She seems to think that midnight to 2/3am is prime playing time and after an hour of trying to get her back to bed, we end up in the living room with me huddled under my comforter rocking myself back and forth and Lauren practicing her latest babble and running back and forth. Ugh. So her naptime has also become my naptime. Since I typically write my posts during naptime, sanity has taken precedence over blogging. 

So, yet again, we are sleep training. I have also decided that I can't breastfeed her anymore because, although she could benefit from the calories, she will also benefit from a full night of sleep (I will supplement her with ice cream). And let's be honest - it's getting to the weird age. I only wanted to breastfeed until 9 months or so but Lauren's weight and needs after the hospital kept me going for longer. But the fact that she is starting to pull down my shirt, and has recently done this in public, helps make this decision a little bit easier. No more, kid. 

At night, is Lauren vomiting because she cries? Yes. Does she keep us up for hours? Yes. Are we going to keep going? Yes. Is it because otherwise we might go crazy? Yes, yes, yes. 

It seems to be helping a bit. I'm still napping because Lauren continues to enjoy the midnight hour, but the last two nights, Lauren has stayed in her crib and (after a painfully long time) managed to put herself back to sleep. 

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