This is what I walked in on just the other day. Apparently my child with an oral aversion managed to open the Tim Horton's minidonuts box and was helping herself. When I first saw her, she was double fisting donuts and shoving them into her mouth.  

Since then we've been buying her TimBits whenever we are near a Tim Horton's. 

When I was first pregnant I swore that my child would not eat anything other than homemade food. That went well until her stomach problems started after her surgeries and she would ralph the stuff back up. We had a better chance of her keeping the store bought food down, so we switched to that. 

That was okay until her weight gain became slow. Lately it has come to a stop and, even though all of her food has butter melted into it and her oatmeal is made with cream, we need to cram more calories into her somehow. 

Matt and I scoured the grocery store for options. Usually you read the nutrition labels so that you can pick the best option. For us "best" meant the most calories and most fat. We came home with chocolate milk, Ritz crackers, animal crackers, greek yogurt, more cream, more butter, and, of course, a TimBit. 

Last night, Lauren threw up her dinner again. I was so sad because I had worked so hard to get those calories into her. I walked in to Matt giving her a bath and she was chowing down on Ritz crackers dipped in Olive oil and a full sized donut. Whatever works!

On a side note: Did you know that mini Ritz crackers have 100 calories in only 11 teeny tiny crackers! I've been shoving them into Lauren's face all day. Thankfully she also loves them. Eat 'em up baby!

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  1. Amanda, Oh, how I appreciate and love reading your blog. I benefit from having a glimpse into what you are going through so I myself can (hopefully) grow in empathy and understanding.

    You are brave and have such incredible strength - more than you may know, and I just wanted you to know that I consider you one of the absolute GREAT moms of this world!

    With thanks,


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