There are certain days in Lauren's sickness and recovery that are momentous for us. Today was one of those days.

For understandable reasons we were nervous as we brought Lauren into the hospital this morning. Before we walked in, we stood together and prayed. And our prayers were answered right from the start. Shortly after we were checked in, radiology was ready for Lauren. There was almost no waiting around. The nurses placed numbing cream on Lauren's hands and feet in preparation for her IV line and we were off. (There weren't even time for good pictures.)

At radiology, they asked us if we had any concerns. I think Matt and I both almost laughed as the last time flashed through our minds. No, no concerns... just massive fears. We have been praying a lot to keep our fear in check. I have always known that we are not supposed to worry because worries can't add a single hour to our lives, but I never really understood this verse. I always thought of it in the light of worrying actually shortening our lives because of stress or stopping us from really living because of our fear. That was before I worried because I wanted to add hours to Lauren's life. My deepest worries and strongest fears are about her not having as much time as I want for her, but my worry will not change anything. I just need to believe that every minute she has has been given to her - and not by me.

The anesthetist on Lauren's case was Louis, just who Matt was hoping for because he did many of Lauren's procedures during her first hospital stays. It was nice to have someone who knew Lauren and her history. It is different to have to tell someone her history and having someone who lived through it with us. Even though Lauren is over a year old, he let both of us come into the room with her as they put in her IV and sedated her. The IV went in on the first try (that has never happened before)! It was scary when they pushed the sedation and Lauren slumped in Matt's arms. The nurses carefully placed her down and we were sent off to get a coffee and wait. After a quick run to the coffee shop, Matt and I took the long way to the waiting room and went past the CT scan. My heart relaxed for the first time today when there was nothing crazy going on outside of the room. No people running in and out. No screaming monitors. No machines being rushed in.

We only waited for a few minutes before we were called into the recovery room to see Lauren. Apparently she was already waking up as soon as the CT was over! She squirmed all the way to the recovery room in the nurse's arms. Lauren was understandably frustrated as she woke up but, after half and hour, she was playing peek a boo with the curtains and the nurses at the desk.

Cardiology was next. As we waited for the results of the CT, Lauren visited with one of her favourite echo technicians. It is amazing how Lauren recognizes so many of these people who work with her. These mini humans never cease to astound me. Anyway, I digress. Dr. Escudero called us in and launched into the CT findings right away. She pulled the images up on the computer screen and started to take us through them. I was bracing for bad news as she started to talk. She showed us that as the scan traveled down Lauren's arteries it showed that the one side got progressively skinnier and then opened back up. This was not what she was expecting to see and she seemed completely surprised. Dr. Escudero explained that Lauren's echo had showed that there was a pinch in the aorta, but the CT scan showed something completely different. Here is my artistic rendering of Lauren's aorta...

This is a much better situation than the pinching! It isn't ideal of course but it means that surgery isn't imminent. Lauren is well on her way to keeping her New Year's Resolution not to go back into the hospital. Matt and I have been high-fiving all day about this news! (Yeah, that's right, we're keeping the high-five alive.) 

I think the best thing Dr. Escudero said is that they will see this narrowing affect Lauren's heart before we will. As soon as I heard that, a weight was lifted from my shoulders! For the first time in the last 10 months, I am not the one who has to be vigilant about keeping Lauren alive. Well, technically I guess that I do since I'm the one who feeds her and stops her from shoving her fingers into electrical sockets, but that is typical mom stuff. I don't want to have to also monitor and diagnose her as well. But, for now, I will give one final diagnosis as Dr. Mom: Lauren is a healthy, crazy little delight who is developing like a rock star and has mischief in her eyes. (And plays a mean air guitar.)


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