After one blissful night of 7 hours of sleep in a row, Lauren proved that she was just teasing me. She has gone back to waking every 2 hours. 

For the past week she has been trying to grow two more molars, and I have spent more nights than I would like to admit sleeping on her floor. After waking up screaming, I cuddle her until she gets to the point where she will be totally dead-to-the-world asleep and then I suuuuuper slowly and suuuuuper gently put her down, sneak back to my bed. She must be woken by the sound of my head hitting the pillow because, without fail, she starts to scream again (and for those of you who say that I should just rub her back until she falls asleep - I've done that for an hour and she just cried the whole time. Or if you say that I should jut let her cry it out - I did that last week. Cleaning up vomit at 3am is only so much fun). 

So, since I am so tired that I walk like I'm a drunk on Campus PD and walls and doorways seem to jump out and attack me, I try to do the back and forth to her room until I can't handle it anymore. At this point, I feel like crying along with her and snoozing in the chair is not enough. Bring on the floor. I put down a quilt, two pillows and Lauren and I crash on the floor. Last night she was up over and over and her eyes were WIDE open. The second that I put her down on the ground and she rolled away from me and promptly fell asleep. It was just like we were a married couple. 

The downside to sleeping on the floor with her is that I can't just lay in bed for a few more minutes after she wakes up. This morning I woke up to her gently petting the back of my head (we've been working on gentle touching) and when I rolled over to face her, she bent down and kissed me on the lips. And just like that, I was hooked for another day (and probably another night). 

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