(With a little help from Dad)

Of a tale that is so epic
Its worthy of a rhyme
I know that what you’ll hear from me
Will be more than worth your time

So gather close to hear my story
Of a mom who is the best
And why with all she does for me
She’s heads n shoulders ‘bove the rest

My name is little Lauren A
And my mom she’s at the top
With all the strength she’s shown for me
I think she’s made of rock!

Although new born so small and cute
I really wasn’t well
But with just how tough I’m made
T’was impossible to tell

The smartest people in the room
Said my symptoms rung no bells
But thanks to my mommy’s nearness
She figured out my tells


She insisted to the hospital
That we simply must then rush
I have my life from her willingness
For me, to make a fuss

They discovered what my mommy knew
That something wasn’t right
And when my heart couldn’t make it
For months I never left her sight

She poured her heart out an offering
All through the hospital rooms
She prayed and prayed, all night and day
That she could take me home real soon

All her tears, and all her prayers
God did not hear in vain
Because of her faithfulness to Him
He spared me anymore pain

He healed me up and sent me home
And I never wanted to go back
And mommy gave up everything
To keep me on that track

She cares for me all night and day
When I’m lonely, scared or sad
And even when I kill her sleep
She never does get mad


I know all this sounds like a stretch
And why it’s hard to trust my words
But her love is so uplifting
It’s like I’m soaring with the birds

And now you know just why I had
To share in such a special song
Just how much she means to me
And why I’m lucky she’s my mom!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Love Lauren (and Dad)



1 comment:

  1. Lauren (and Dad) what a beautiful tribute to your mom. Amanda, I think you're an amazing mom. The things that you have sacrificed out of love for Lauren, the way that you have been there for her this past year are amazing. I pray this coming year will be filled with lots of joy, fun exploring with your girl and watching her grow and develop everyday. I love reading your blog and your pictures are a real treat. Thanks for sharing so much of your lives with us. Angela


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