Matt was looking through his computer the other day and realized that we have three Groupon coupons for photobooks that expire in T minus 4 days. There haven't been blog posts because when I'm not holding babies who are sweetly asleep and then suddenly giving me the death stare, or cleaning poop and puke up from every place imaginable (today in one fell swoop Elyse managed to hit me, my hair, herself, my bed, my comforter, the side of the bed and the carpet), I'm frantically trying to finish these photobooks. 

So far I have finished two of the three which means that I'm finally done documenting Lauren's first year. I'm pretty behind. Last time I checked, she is two and a half now.

It is a nice process to go back through the memories of the early days because I go back through the photos and I add the text from the blog posts that I've done. I'm thankful for this blog because there are details that I've forgotten and I get to rediscover them as I read through the old posts. It has inspired me for some posts that I want to write in the next few weeks (once these pesky photobooks are finally behind me). Now I just need to convince Elyse that she wants to nap for more than 5 minutes at a time so that I can use two hands to work the computer.

The swing seems to be working its magic and she is finally giving into a nap. I think the photobooks can happen later. Time for my nap as well. (Between Lauren waking up at 3am wondering where Austin was, Matt's impressive snoring and Elyse's fussing and waking up for a feed, I missed out on that important 3am - 5am window of sleep, but I guess I can't complain too much since the night before that Elyse slept right through. Fingers crossed that tonight Lauren doesn't much care where the dog has gone.)

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