The title pretty much sums it up. At first I thought it was a one-off but then I started seeing the trend. Lauren talks to stuff and all the conversations are the same.

Lauren: "Hi (insert name of inanimate object here)! It's me, Rauren (*She can't say her Ls). I coming! I (insert current activity) right now! I coming. It's me, Rauren. I coming!" And then she gets there.

The other night on our walk/bike ride I witnessed this...

Lauren: "Hi Baby Digger! It's me, Rauren. I coming! I driving da bike right now! I coming. It's me, Rauren. I coming!" Then she arrives and says with such warmth in her voice, "Hi Baby Digger."

In all fairness, she has been visiting "Baby Digger" for over a week now, so I understand why she might feel a strong connection to her (it's a girl digger apparently). But then we were at the waterslides and she did the same thing with a huge statue of a frog that she had never seen before. They might as well have been best friends.

I guess with Lauren's constant (CONSTANT) chatter, it was only a matter of time before she tired of us as her audience and moved onto more exciting items to try out her new speaking skills on. It boggles my mind to think that only six months ago she was barely talking! Now she never stops.

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