For the last two months, the last thing I have wanted to do is open up my computer. I can barely have coherent conversations in real life, forget about typing! Babies seem to suck the words out of me (literally). At first everything seems great but around now I start to struggle to remember, not just what I'm talking about, but the individual words that will complete my sentence. And it's not just, "Oh, what was that word again... that's right, viscosity." No. It is, "What was that word? Hold on, what am I trying to say? Do they make a word for that? Who am I? Where am I? Hmmm. I should probably go have some ice cream." So trying to write a blog post involves quite a few half written sentences that have to get deleted because I have no idea where I am going with them.

A few weeks ago, Matt and I went to the North Shore Night Market with the girls. We wandered around the market, looked at the boats with Lauren and then grabbed some ice cream for her and Matt. Elyse had just fed so I was walking with her on my shoulder when a young lady came up to me and said, "I just have to tell you, I read your blog and I pray for you every day and I'm so excited for you." I was so surprised that I stammered out, "Thank you!" and that was it. It was so encouraging to know that someone other than my Oma reads the blog (she's hands down my most regular blog reader. Thanks Oma!).

I know that this blog started off in quite a dramatic fashion. We had people all over the world checking in to see how Lauren was doing. But now she is just another kid. So thank you to those people, many of whom I don't even know, who still check in to see what my crazy normal kid is up to and still keep our family in their prayers.

Lauren's doctor's appointments used to be dramatic. Tomorrow I'm taking the girls for a check up at their pediatrician and I'm expecting everything to be completely normal. What a nice change of events!


  1. You can count me as a faithful reader too. I love reading about the "normal" kid and her new sister. Every time I read a blog I praise God for his faithfulness and healing. Then I pray for continued healing and faithfulness towards Lauren, Elyse, you and Matt. You've got some pretty special girls to raise. I'm so happy for you. I love seeing the pictures you include too. So continue blogging whenever it works for you. By the way, I'm not sure I congratulated you, Matt and Lauren on the birth of Elyse. I praise God for her. Love, Angela Elliott

    1. Thanks Angela! Your comments, support and continued prayer really mean a lot to me.

  2. That is a SERIOUSLY adorable picture of the two of them snuggling on the couch. Amazing.


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