I've figured out that Lauren goes through approximately 4 pairs of pants a day. Thankfully, Matt and I don't go through quite as many pairs or the laundry machine would be going constantly. It already seems like it is always going. Between clothes, diaper covers, towels and the many dish towels needed to clean up spills, I can't imagine doing more laundry... but I know that in a few short months I will be! Here are some reasons why Lauren needs to change her pants a lot.

Hot chocolate spills (and it is amazing how many pieces of clothing she can cover with one drink)

Lots of walking (with some tripping involved)

Running around with Austin (and doing some more tripping)

Laying on the floor in the mall with a new friend

Sitting around on the ground and scooting through sidewalk chalk (and yes, I know that her hair is out of control! I really don't want to cut bangs for her but it seems like all of her hair grows forward and is taking forever to be long enough to tuck behind her ears!)

And potty training - though I don't typically take photos when I'm just trying to hustle a little bum onto the toilet.

Today, after our trip to the farm, Lauren's hair also needed a good washing. I always knew she was delicious but today a baby goat figured it out as well.

Lauren was a bit put off by getting a goat shower but her hair dried quickly and she didn't mind for long. I've always been amazed by how quickly she gets over things. I guess in the grand scheme of what she's had to get over, she has learned early not to sweat the small stuff.  

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