When we were expecting Lauren, Matt and I would talk about what things were really important to us. One thing that I thought was important was to make Lauren a reader. And I knew that we would do this by saying yes every single time that she brought us a book. We have always read to her before naps and bedtime, but now it seems that we are constantly reading to her. Sometimes I just want to say no, but now I just tell her to pick another book when she brings me one that makes me want to gouge my eyes out and run screaming from the room. 

The team effort that Matt and I have made to give Lauren a love of reading is paying off. I catch her reading all the time. 

She always brings us book and she acts many of them out a we read them to her over and over. We have our favourites to read to her and we share in our extreme hate of others, but I know we both love the feeling of having Lauren snuggle close and tuck in to read a book together. 

Last week, I took Lauren to get her own library card. 

She was more than excited about the actual card itself and that got even better when she saw the rows and rows of books.

They had so many different kid-friendly areas for her to check out that I know this will be a regular stop for us. We will keep Lauren's love of books going forever!

(Can you tell that she signed her card herself? Such amazing penmanship.)

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