There is such a change in Lauren since she has hit two. I think the best way to explain it is that her personality has gone from large to massive. She has an opinion about everything and makes it very well known. When she is excited, she dances instead of walking. She spends a significant amount of time squealing and laughing and running around. I spend a significant amount of time exhausted!  

What a blessing the nice weather is. We usually spend our afternoons and evenings outside exploring our backyard and neighbourhood. We are lucky to be surrounding by parks and paths and playgrounds. There's no shortage of places to find new sticks, rocks and birds. 

I am just trying my best to keep Lauren entertained without the TV. It is amazing how much she wants to watch movies and it drives me nuts to have her plugged in. I don't want that to be her go to and so we've gotten creative.

There has been painting outside,

 reading in the laundry hamper,
 making a birdhouse (which brings dozens of robins and chickadees to the yard, much to all of our delight),
working on our animal sounds, both inside and outside of the house,
running and chasing,
and tackling me for kisses.

With only two months to go until Baby Number Two joins us, I'm enjoying every moment of down time and mommy-daughter time that I get with Lauren. I'm also starting to feel the third trimester so I'm enjoying bedtime as well. 

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