Today we are at 20 weeks with Baby Number 2. Next week, we get to find out if we are having a baby boy or a girl. Matt thinks we are having a little boy and, while I used to think we were having a boy, I am kind of picturing a little girl.

Either way, we can honestly say that we just want a healthy baby. We said that with Lauren and of course we meant it, but this time we REALLY mean it!

I've been feeling this little one wiggling around since week 16 and this morning I was woken up with his or her kicking. I think that is the one thing that I love the most about being pregnant - that feeling of the baby moving inside, the life that is growing and will be exploding into our lives very shortly as a bundle of sweet, crying, away-during-the-night baby goodness.

I can't wait to snuggle a baby again.

I am also trying to enjoy my time with Lauren as an only child. I am well aware that life will change again shortly and we are in such a comfortable groove right now. Of course there are the terrible twos sneaking up on us and that is being shown as crying and Lauren's attempts to assert herself. But on the whole, Lauren is an easy kid. When asked if she needs to go to her naughty spot, she usually says, "Yes" and walks into her room, closes the door behind her and sits down for a moment. When she comes back out, she says sorry, gives us a hug (and sometimes a kiss if she is really sorry) and then modifies her behaviour to do whatever we were asking her about in the first place. Matt and I spend the whole time looking at each other and laughing silently while she marches herself into her bedroom.

On my days off, Lauren and I go on fun outings like gymnastics, swimming, runs with the promise of a playground visit with the world's steepest slide (which she LOVES!), Target (or is that just fun for me?), to Central Park to feed the ducks, to visit family and friends and off to Starbucks to share a hot chocolate. Have I mentioned that I love my time with her. I just want to eat her up! And how blessed are we that we will get to have that again with another little one.

But for now, I am relishing each and every moment that I have with my little girl.

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  1. You are looking good Amanda. I had to laugh at how Lauren puts herself in time out!!! I don't know how you can not laugh out loud. I'm so glad that you are enjoying your time with Lauren. I pray the next months go well. Praying for a very healthy baby.


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