My sister is constantly making up new names for Lauren. While Lauren has a ridiculous number of nicknames that we all use on a regular basis, Elysha's change with Lauren's activity. The nicknames are pretty much a fill in the blank of whatever activity Lauren is doing with the word "angel" tacked onto the end of it. So as soon as Elysha knew Lauren was going to gymnastics lessons, she became "Gymnastics Angel."

Earlier this week, Lauren started gymnastics lessons. I say "lessons" pretty loosely. But whatever it is, Lauren loves it. It is parent participation and I like getting to see her explore the gymnastics equipment. When I signed her up I thought she would enjoy it, but I wasn't fully prepared for her extreme excitement that she demonstrated. She actually threw a crying fit when she saw the room and had to wait to go in. I thought it was because I had stepped into the washroom and she missed me, but no, she didn't care where I was as long as she could run in and explore. When she did get to go in there, she showed talent on the trampoline, crawling through the tunnel and walking on the beam with a hand. She learned how to roll like a log and also discovered that she is repulsed by foam pits. She opted to use the foam to build a tower instead. It will be great to head back with her next week... but I will make sure that we're not early so we don't have the pre-class, we-can't-go-in-the-room-yet-meltdown.

You can view Gymnastics Angel in action in the video below:

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